Historical Background

Back in 1982, the family business LEM Import / Export (Pty) Ltd was founded, headed by Raffaele Bicego. A export trading house engaged in the exports of hides and skins.

Years later, in 2002, together with various Italian individuals, some of whom own tanneries in Italy, processing finished leather, the company SA Dorper Export Co. (Pty) Ltd (“SADEC”) was formed. The main activities of the company being the processing of South African hair type sheepskin “Dorper Skins” into the pickle stage for the export market.

In 2006, SA Dorper (Pty) Ltd was established through a strategic joint venture agreement between SADEC and KLK Landbou Bpk. KLK, a public unlisted company with invested interests in diverse industries, amongst which would include Livestock Agencies and Cattle and Sheep Abattoirs, which supply SA Dorper with their production of hides and skins.